Sunday, 8 June 2014

Swift Stug

I can't believe it! I've gone and finished the construction phase of this project already. Its only taken 6 days and that includes going to work and getting on with other essential stuff. Sometimes only tamiya will do. As you can see I have added a few extra details from plastic card and lead wire. The hatch latches on the rear decking were the most obvious omissions on the kit and I've added a few bolts and some wire for the front light conduits. Oh and made up some handles for the tool brackets and that's about it, nice and simple and great fun to build.

Also by lucky chance I found a set of Dragon figures in my accessory cupboard that will fit the model nicely. I'm going to use the two dapper chaps in their floppy berets for this model. A great find as I had forgotten I had these stashed away.

It's now time to get back to the Chieftain project after this pleasant break, some weathering on the land rover and base prep are on the cards today. 

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