Monday, 2 June 2014

Chieftain Crewed Up & Ready To Roll

the Chieftain has now had all the weathering I feel is needed and I must say I think it's turned out very well. She had her first outing on Saturday at the Salisbury show (as a WIP) and  received a very favourable response. The crew really fit well into the overall look and I'm very pleased with em! My favourite just has to be the driver with the tash, just so 80's that one and he looks a bit chilly too driving along with the hatch open. 

So still the land rover to finish and a base before its all done. I must thank Brain for the base which is A3 sized and works perfectly. Also the guys on MHISC forum for their advise during the build, nothing like first hand info from guys who crewed em or fixed em!

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