Friday, 6 June 2014

D Day 6th June

70 years ago today the biggest invasion force ever seen descended on the Normandy coast and the battle for Europe was under way.  To mark this occasion myself and Brian S went down to Bovington tank museum for the day. Strange then that no sort of display or event was in evidence to mark this "day of days" However that aside it was a good opportunity to see what was new as I have not been to the museum for a good couple of years. Apart from the old favourites I did spy an interesting Greek Marmon Herrington armoured car and managed to get some good pictures of the WW1 tanks on display including a mock up fully running A7V. 

The size of this scale replica was truly amazing! I also got some great shots of the inside of a Chieftain NBC pack, yes my minds already working on a scheme for that! I was also quite taken by a Canadian Leopard for some strange reason, I guess I just liked the fact it was Canadian. A very pleasant pub lunch on the way home and loads of modelling type talk ensured a very enjoyable day out. All be it with another twenty or so future projects now going through my mind!


  1. Only a twenty?!
    Glad that you have an opportunity to visit such a good museum and catch the inspiration.

  2. trust me I took more pictures than that! cheers