Saturday, 7 June 2014

Stug Work And An In Box Review (Masterbox 1/72nd WW1 Male Tank)

More on the stug now and my plan to use the original swinging arms did not work out as planned. The original arms have a slightly smaller diameter compared to the new workable ones. No problem I just made sure that the newer ones where straight and true then glued them into place. With the tracks in place and the upper hull in position it all looks pretty good. 

On to the review now and the subject of this is Masterbox Mk1 male tank in 1/72nd scale. The model comes in a nicely illustrated box with colour guide on the back.Inside we have two sprunes of parts some rubber tracks and a small etched fret. The instructions are simple but very clear, no decals are provided as these early tanks did not carry any.

The moulding of the parts is first class with excellent rivet detail especially on the gun sponsons and hull sides. The guns look good and only need the ends drilling out. The etch provided includes the grenade screens plus a few other bits for the model. Again this is very nicely done. Lastly the tracks are the conventional rubber band type and here there is a slight distortion on one of the tracks were it attaches to the sprune runner. 

However this shouldn't be too much of an issue as you can always make sure that portion of track is on the bottom run and facing into the bottom of the hull. Or just get the mud out! I'm very impressed with the level of detail on this kit and having only a few parts should result in a quick build. Consequently I'm itching to start this so will probably be unable to resist temptation and end up with three builds on the go!!

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