Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tamiya Chieftain Construction Complete

Although I'm not feeling myself at the moment and am decidedly under the weather I've managed to get the construction of the model finished. The commanders MG had some etched parts added and the all important missing handle fitted then the turret front had some mr surfacer added for a little bit of texture. The side skirt brackets were scratched in the end as the kit items bore no resemblance to the real things. I then fitted the front mud flaps and tackled the tracks.

I just love building fruil metal tracks they require minimal clean up and assemble so easily. There is a bit of sag on the top runs at the moment as the return rollers are not fitted yet. I think the build came out well, just what I was aiming for and it really lifts the model to the next level. So a wash and then primer, can't wait!



  1. Looks great I always think it's a shame to hide the detail items under paint.

  2. Glad you like it can't wait to get some paint on it though!