Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chipping, Washes, Filters & Kit

First up is the chieftain and here I added some light chipping over the model using brush and sponge. I concentrated on the stowage bins and areas of high wear. The land rover only had a whiff of chipping and that was mostly kept to the doors. No rust here as the body work is aluminium. That's been followed by some pin washes and a fist filter using MIG P405. 

The turret baskets have had the stowage sorted out and I've added some magic sculpt tarps in the bottom of the baskets and whilst still curing pressed in the bits of kit that will sit on top of these. Not much to do here now just finish up the painting and add a few decals. All the vision blocks have also been painted using citadel mithril silver as a base then vallejo 800 gunmetal blue as the main scope colour. I find it's easier to paint these now instead of later when I matt the model down as any touch ups I have to do now blend in better later on.

One thing I have noticed is that a couple of  poly wheel hubs have split! not a biggie on this build as I can disguise them with mud but it would be a problem if I wanted a cleaner finish. I did debate about casting some resin replacements at the start of the build and now wish I had. I think it's due to the age of the kit.

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