Sunday, 11 May 2014

IPMS Gloucester Show Report 11/05/14

Today I popped up to the Gloucester show with Brian for a mooch round, being about an hour away it's not too far and a pleasant drive. As usual the show is held at the Churchdown community centre and as usual the first hall is jam packed with traders and club stands. So much so that there was barely  2 ft between each row of tables. Not good when you are trying to look around and avoid the sweaty backpack brigade! 

However the other two halls used have loads of space, I don't know why they cram everything into the first hall when the other two are almost empty! It's been the same set up every year I've gone and it's probably why we don't display there, too much chance of an accident happening. However there where some nice models on display and plenty to open the wallet from the traders.

This year there seemed to be a vast amount of under the table sales from the clubs attending so most people were looking under the tables instead of what was displayed on them! Very hard to negotiate the already cramped alley ways when people are rummaging through boxes on their hands and knees. The models which caught my eye were a fine collection of 1/48th Airfix modern British armour and I spent some time talking to the builder and really admired his work. His Warrior was particularly well done.   
Here's a selection of the models on display

And here's Brian paying homage to some Soviet cold war armour!

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  1. Looks like a great show. Thanks for posting the pics.