Sunday, 25 May 2014

Followers Of The Blog

Today I'm sad to say I have had to remove the "followers" section of the blog due to some weird activity and supposed "followers" who's interests are definitely not modelling. As I could not edit or remove said persons I took the step of removing that section all together. Quite frankly I'm pretty disgusted and alarmed that I can't remove these sick bastards from my followers list.


  1. We can follow and appreciate your work without that widget.
    Just keep doing what you do.

  2. Thanks Jeroen your support is very much appreciated

  3. Hi Pete

    That's the trouble with society today, you find there are more morons around and it is easier for them upset or pee someone off. I think the people that supply this service for us need to do something to allow us to block and remove these idiots from our blogs!

  4. i totally agree i am a member of about 25 forums on all kinds of subjects and we get those beings there too

    joe b