Thursday, 15 May 2014

Figures Complete & Landrover Decals

I've now finished the figures and am very pleased with the results. The cap badges are from an old dragon etched fret that I found in the spares box. Yes they are German but unless you use a magnifying glass you'll never know! 

I've also added the decals to the land rover and again used some of my custom decals on the front bumper. Another sign will be made up for the rear. The doors are also in place and I've added better hinges to the doors. Now I can move onto the weathering of both vehicles with some light chipping first then a few pin washes before the real muck gets chucked about!


  1. Hi,

    It's all coming along beautifully. My only thoughts are that the necks look too long and the cap badge on the RMP figure is wrong...

    superb work none the less.

  2. Cheers James glad you like it, I've been working on the head on the tank crew figure again and now it looks much better. The cap badges look much more realistic without any magnification so that's fine as I don't see many people at model shows walking around with a magnifying glass!