Friday, 9 May 2014

Small Scale DPM

Over the last couple of days I've been working on getting the figures cleaned up and primed. I've also made a start on the MP figure painting wise. The vest was sprayed with vallejo air florescent orange first then a couple of thin coats of Iraqi sand, 332 were used for the base of the jacket. For the lightweight trousers I used vallejo 328 with a touch of black.
 Once I had a good undercoat I began painting the DPM pattern using 823 for the green and 984 with a touch of black and red for the brown. These colours are bright as the waterproof jacket or "crisp packet" as it was called has much brighter colours than the standard DPM. 
I then went back over the jacket touching up with Iraqi sand and adding a few small details. The shirt and scarf were painted using 830 and 924. A little bit of shading was added to the trousers then a light dry brush to add some highlights to the creases. 
Advise has been sought regarding making my own custom decals and I have now sussed this out thanks to Luigi over on MHISC forum. As a bonus I have also discovered that I can produce my own vehicle registration numbers! So a whole new aspect of the hobby has now opened up for me. Who said modelling's boring? certainly not for me.  

So a fun packed weekend of modelling is in the off as the weather here in the UK is forecast to be bloody horrible. I'm off to IPMS Gloucester's annual show on Sunday with my partner in crime Brian S. We are going as punters so no Stonehenge Modellers display until IPMS Salisbury's show at the end of the month.  


  1. Great
    and i like the landrover, very special and original

  2. Oh Dear... You painted it yourself? You are the master! After the painting a pattern on three figures I consider people who makes that real heroes. As to me it is the most precise DPM I ever saw.

  3. Nice painting mate . May bump into you at Salisbury

  4. Thanks guys glad you like the build so far, Terry it would be a pleasure to meet you at Salisbury, who knows I may even have this lot done for the show!

  5. Excellent work on the intricate camo Pete + nice contrast with the orange vest!

  6. Cheers Thierry glad you like it :)