Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chieftain Crew

I've been working on an old set of cromwell figures for the model, they are I think the only ones with the old bone dome style helmet. They could be out of production which is a shame as they are very useful for vehicles of the 70's & 80's period. I changed the arms on two of them and added a hornet head. They suit the model very well and I like the driver figure, especially with his squaddie "tash".

For the MP I've used another really old figure this time from verlinden. Some magic sculpt was used to add the hi vis vest and map pocket on his lightweight trousers. Again a hornet head will be used on this one. 


  1. Great work, do you use only acrylic for your figs


  2. Hi Jean thanks glad you like them, yes I only use acrylics these days and mostly use vallejo colours.