Thursday, 28 October 2010

Torpedos Los!

Time for another U-Boat model so on the bench now is the special navy boxing Type IIA U-Boat in 1/72nd scale. An anniversary present from my good lady wife, bless her she does spoil me! Some modifications are being made to the kit, mostly closing up some vent holes on the hull as well as opening up ones on the bow and stern. I have also built up the deck gun which is a mixture of plastic, white metal and resin parts. The kit's plastic barrel was replaced in favour of a length of metal tubing and some tiny bolts added as well.I also made a new firing brace to replace the poor plastic item from brass wire.

I also saw my consultant yesterday to check up on my knee and was told I may return to work. Very pleased about that as I was expecting to be off work longer. However the knee has healed better than expected so I can go on light duties for a week or so.

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