Sunday, 31 October 2010

Holes, Holes and More Holes!

The hull is now almost finished bar adding the railing stanchions which will be added once the main colours are on. Loads more holes added to the hull. I keep discovering little snippets of information which means more to be added! The railings surrounding the deck gun have been scratched from plastic rod as the kit supplied white metal items were a devil to try and fit. Also being metal they bent very easily and looked too big. much happier with the replacement part.

The conning tower is also complete, although this has not been without problems. I somehow lost the starboard side etched grill and after much cursing and tearing the hobby room upside down trying to find it I had to raid the spares box for some suitable etch. Not perfect but better than nothing!

All that's left to add now are two jump wire rests at the stern and a wipe of Mr surfacer over the weld lines. And I thought this build would take a while! just shows how absorbing this hobby can be.

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