Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Chop Suey!

Well another one for the display cabinet! Finished off over the last couple of days. I used some of the new tamiya diorama texture paint to add some mud to the wheel arches and lower hull then sprayed a few layers of tamiya buff, I kept the dust subtle as I did not want to loose that lovely camo! Matt varnish then this morning added the lights and the tricky light guards and finally finished off painting the periscopes and a few other touch ups.

Very pleased with the final result, top marks to hobby boss for a stonker of a kit. Now all we need is a decent set of PLA crew figures.


  1. Really great build Pete. I think the weathering and "wear" on the edges are perfect.


  2. Cheers Dale, I had to restrain myself on the wear front! most pictures I have of PLA armour show them to be rather well looked after so a little artistic license was called for. Really getting into these Chinese armour kits as they are something different from the norm.