Friday 21 June 2019

Takom 432 Hull Top & Puma Lights & Scopes

I've now fitted the hull roof to the takom lower hull & the fit was pretty good. It was a bit of a pain gluing as it's a big part and CA needs to be used but I got there in the end. I have also added some plastic strip to the roof edges as this is quite noticeable on the real thing but not that well done on the kit. It's something I noticed during the bulldog build but didn't fix due to the extra armour fitted. 

It's a simple fix but will enhance the look of the model. The engine deck screens fit fine with only a bit of sanding needed on the opening for a snug fit.

The puma has now had all the masking removed from the scopes and all the lights painted up & some lenses fitted to the front. I also added four insanely tiny and fiddly PE light guards which took ages to get in place.

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