Friday, 28 June 2019

Elefant, 432 & Feathered Visitors

I've finally got round to adding the pigments to the elefant & as ever VMS pigments, binders and universal weathering carrier all played a part. I made up a gloppy mixture first and worked this into the tracks and wheels then once dry rubbed off the access. Then dry pigments were used to finish it all off. I've also been sorting the base out and again VMS smart mud was my weapon of choice.

The 432 is now in primer so I should be starting the paint work next week.

And finally over the last few weeks I've noticed some goldfinches in the garden, we don't usually see them much and only fleetingly so I was keen to encourage them to hang around. So I bought some niger seeds and a feeder & put it up in the garden this afternoon. After about an hour the first finch found the feeder and we've been enjoying watching quite a few feed since then.

They are one of my favourite birds as they look splendid and have the most beautiful song. I remember whilst I was a dog handler seeing great flocks of them in the summer feeding on the teasels that grew around the edges of the fields where I was stationed so to get them visiting the garden is really nice.


  1. Hi Pete, there's no messing about from you, is there! Elefant almost done & 432 in primer! Excellent as always...…
    Goldfinches are among the most frequent visitors to my garden birdfeeder, I suppose it depends on where you live.

  2. Cheers Chris glad you like the progress!