Saturday, 8 June 2019

Big Update

Work on all three models is progressing well with the puma in it's main colour. Here I used humbrol acrylic No 102 which is a very good start for the light green colour seen on Italian three colour vehicles. The green and brown are both slightly lighter compared to normal NATO colours. 

I used humbrol's own thinner for acrylics and this worked well. The paint sprayed on nice and smooth too. I also tested lightening the base colour with some tamiya white which actually worked so I will spray over a lighter tone next before tackling the camo pattern. I haven't used humbrol paints for a very long time, in fact the last time I did I was still using enamels.

The elefant has also progressed with some light chipping going on, the spare tracks fixed in place & a gloss coat as well. Next will be filters & washes so I'm now back on schedule with this one.

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