Tuesday 25 June 2019

FV432 peak Turret Construction Complete

I've now finished the building phase after sorting out the scopes on the turret. I used thin plastic strip to give them some definition. Not the best but way better than the originals. The takom gimpy barrel has also been adapted with a thin metal tube on the end, again much better than the original blob of resin.  

The issues with the accurate armour conversion almost made me put it back in the box but I'm glad I persevered. I've now got a very different looking trojan and it's one I've always wanted to model. The takom kit on the other hand is a real pleasure to build and the details are crisp and accurate. 

You can do loads with the takom kit as a base but you need to know your timeframe and have plenty of decent references. The tankograd book FV432 No 9014 was a big help here as well as my personal references. 

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  1. Nice recovery as always Pete, but you still ain't persuaded me to reconsider about paying out for the AA conversion! I'll spend my hard-earned on a figgy instead...….