Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tamiya Gama Goat Build Work Done

I've finished off the goat today by adding some soft copper cable to the winch drum which looks much better than the kit item and made up two front indicator lights. If you look at the trailer the side indicator lights are present but none are provided for the front of the goat. 

Looking at my references it seems that most if not all european vehicles, i.e those stationed in Germany had them fitted. Those in the US and elsewhere did not have them fitted at all. Indeed those deployed in Grenada don't have them on the trailer or the main unit. I used some punched out circles of plastic card and rod to make them. A simple addition but important nonetheless.

 The figure builds up very nicely too and looks good in situ. He has a flak jacket on but I think I can get away with it in a German setting as perhaps they wore them whilst on exercise. So the models all ready for a wash and then primer. The kit has been a joy to build and is really well engineered, something we come to expect from tamiya. 


  1. Looks nice mate - think I might get a real one to do the weekly shop at Morrisons!

    1. LOL that would be a sight to see Simon!

  2. This strange beast is quite "ugly" but yours will be a great model and I'm waiting for the painting with a great interest. Good job my friend.