Friday, 17 March 2017

Gama Goat, Jagdpanther & US Staff Car Paintwork

Today I've started painting the three models and began with the gama goat. I used Mr hobby 309 with a dash of black for the green and tamiya XF59 mixed with a drop of XF64 and a dash of white for the brown colour. I've kept the colours deliberately a couple of shades lighter to account for weathering later on which will darken the overall paint colours. The lighter tan and black areas will be hand painted later on. The canvas for the cab and cargo were sprayed using Mr hobby H52 olive drab No 1 then lightened with tamiya XF15.

The jagdpanther and staff car also got some paint and here I've so far just sprayed flat black on the jagdpanther paying particular attention to the lower hull and engine grills. The staff car was sprayed using H52 olive drab no 1 then lighter mixes were sprayed lightly in the centre of panels for a bit of tone variation. 

 I'm very pleased with how they have all come out so far. I'll let them cure for a day of so before starting detail painting which gives me a chance to decide on the camo scheme for the jagdpanther.

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