Sunday, 12 March 2017

Jagdpanther Resurrection!

I've had a very busy 10 days or so since the last post but have still been able to get some bench time in, albeit in small segments. So I have gone back to one of my shelf queens, the tamiya 1/48th jagdpanther which I started ages ago but lost interest in very quickly. This time around I was determined to finish it with the minimum of extras and just enjoy the build. The Hauler etched grills worked really well as does the barrel and a figure from the spares box.

I've also knocked up a companion vehicle in the shape of a tamiya US staff car. This built up really quickly and was done in about an hour. Detail is great and it should paint up really well. I plan on a small base with the car in a ditch abandoned with the jagdpanther passing by, possibly in an Ardennes setting.

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