Sunday, 19 March 2017

Jagdpanther Paintwork & Gama Goat MERDC

The Jagdpanther has now been sprayed and here I used Mr hobby H320 for the green then tamiya XF 68 NATO brown & XF 60 dark yellow with some white added. I left the road wheels in green as they will be severely muddied up later on so you won't see any camo patterns on them. The pattern is sprayed freehand and took about 2 hours to do.

The gama goat has also been worked on today and here I've finished off the MERDC camo by painting the cream and black areas. I used vallejo 821 german camo beige with a drop of white and vallejo flat black, painted using a brush. I've also made a start on the detail painting. Very pleased with the camo it came out better than expected.  


  1. Pete! You obviously know your stuff both using an airbrush and an ordinary paintbrush. That MERDC-pattern on the goat is world class!



  2. Thanks Magnus it looks a complicated scheme but in fact is quite simple to apply.