Monday, 13 July 2015

Ah Ha! More Progress!

I've finally dragged my arse back to the bench and have now painted the uniforms for the AMX figures. I used vallejo 893 US dark green as my base colour and added black for shadows and Iraqi sand for highlights. I'm just starting on the flesh areas tonight.

The tank has also had an initial filter of Wilder No 19 grey brown followed by a dark pin wash which I've just applied. Once dry a couple more filters will be added then some oil fading and streaking. I'm thinking dusty again on this model for the final finish.

I've also got yet another French vehicle on the way from Hong Kong, this time it's Tiger models new AMX-10 RCR.

It seems this year my bench is destined to be very Gallic in flavour for some reason. Not intended but they do keep releasing such interesting models!

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