Tuesday 7 July 2015

Yet Another Greek Holiday & Some Tiny Progress

Yes, I've been on holiday again to the wonderful island of Zakynthos. Only for a week mind you and the trip was mostly for the benefit of the wife who's been working very hard over the last few months and worrying about me. 

As usual the welcome was as warm as the weather and the beers ice cold. I did my best to assist the Greek economy by drinking as much of the filthy muck as I could! However my efforts seem to be in vain as I can see Greece falling out of the euro, will that be a bad thing for the Greeks? From what I could gather from my Greek friends it might just be what they need to get back control of their own destiny and build a better future. We shall see and I wish them luck whatever the outcome.

I've also just got back to the bench after sorting out a few things and hosting family over the weekend, oh and fixing a broken toilet so only a tiny bit of progress in that I've started painting the figures. For the base colour I'm using Vallejo 893 US dark green. More should be done to them and the tank over the next few days (hopefully). 

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