Wednesday 22 July 2015

Belgian M41 Bulldog

The model is progressing very well and I've even added a few enhancements along the way. The rubber mantlet cover worked really well and glued down a treat with superglue. It had a bit of a mold seam on it but by carefully brushing this with Tamiya extra thin cement I was able to remove it.


  1. Wow a belgian M-41 ! Great ! I will follow your project with great interest. My father was in the belgian army for more than 20 years as mecanic and he has M-41 and M-24 in his unit. He worked on these nice machines.
    I thank you to make belgian armored vehicles my friend. Maybe I follow your way and I will build some of them to add in my collection.

  2. Thanks Alain, nice to know my efforts are appreciated. I bet your father knows these vehicles inside out after 20 odd years of working on them! fantatic.