Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Somua Detail Painting

Onto the Somua again and I've started all the detail painting on this. The tools received a coat of dark yellow for the wooden portions then a coat of oil paint. After about 15 minutes I then used a brush to remove the excess. Whilst I had the oils out I gave the figures jacket a coat of black then removed the excess as above. 

The rest of the detail painting then took no time at all and I'm particularly pleased with the tarp on the rear hull. The details have really popped on this. Straps on the tarp and bins were picked out with vallejo leather belt. Some chipping will be added next but this will be the bare minimum around hatches and the tow points.


  1. Good job Pete but there are two mistakes : The emblem of the 4th Cuirassier (Jeanne d'Arc on his horse) is right but the Jeanne d'Arc MUST ALWAYS looks forward. Tamiya has made 2 times the same emblem !
    I think you'll have to build a second Somua S35 to keep the right emblem ;-)
    The second one : the crews of cavalery tanks did'nt (normally) received the leather jacket but they have khaki-green jackets. That's why a good documentation is so important.

    1. Thanks Alain for the info I didn't even notice the decal error, oh well I'm afraid it will have to stay that way now. The jacket colour is interesting and I may go for the green instead of the black leather.

  2. No problem Pete, I'll send you some color pictures of French cavalry tank crews. For the emblem, I can send you my unused decals of the 4th Cuirassier because I've choised another unit for my S35.
    Send me your personal email and your postal adress.

  3. Alain that's most kind of you, my email is petesmith1554@btinternet.com
    I'll let you know my address once you've emailed me