Sunday, 31 May 2015

Advanced Modellers Syndrome Epidemic

No modelling done today, still recovering from the show yesterday but I have managed to free up some space in the display cabinets and had a general tidy in the man cave. However I've now got another three boxes of older built models to go in the loft! I'm seriously thinking about selling a few of my older builds as it seems a shame to have them up in the loft and not on display. I'd love to have them all out but that would mean most of the cave being turned over to display space. 

It's got me thinking about what people do with their completed builds and what if any market there is out there for them?

 I've also been reviewing the latest news and am delighted that Takom will be releasing a Chieftain Mk5, Mk10 and Mk11 all at the same time. Brilliant news that, I'll certainly be adding a Mk5 & Mk11 to the stash. 

I've already however seen the same old remarks come up on various forums about the accuracy of the kits etc. All before anyone has actually seen the model. Is it just me or is everyone else getting really fed up about all this negativity in the hobby at the moment? We've never had it so good with the amount of new and hitherto unheard of plastic kits but it seems some people are always ready to put a kit or manufacturer down. What's wrong with these people? maybe it's because the Internet empowers certain types who otherwise would not wield any influence whatsoever in the real world.

I read the comments and sadly shake my head, however some people are actually influenced by these threads. A case in point was yesterday when I was talking to a chap about my Saladin & he mentioned that he had read it was rubbish and had not bothered to get one even though he was keen on the vehicle. Obviously I showed him that actually the kit's pretty good and with a few simple additions and improvements a really nice kit can be made.
 He was pretty chuffed that I took the time to explain what was needed to him and that it's all here on the blog for all to benefit.  

I think a lot of people have either forgotten or don't know how to use basic tools and materials to improve a model these days, they seem to want every last detail made in the form of etched sets or resin improvements and bleat endlessly if these are not available immediately instead of having a go themselves, I thought that was what modelling was all about? (well it was when I started) The Internet has certainly made modellers lives easier in many respects but sometimes I think the few have far too much influence over the rest. 

My solution? well it's always been build what you want improve and replace what I think is necessary, for both the final look and my own sanity! and don't bother about the petty things. You can chuck everything under the sun at a kit but once it's got paint on unless you know your subject you're not really going to know what if anything has been added. And most importantly have fun! That's what any hobby should be about first and foremost surely? 
OK rant over I feel much better now, ha ha!


  1. Very nicely said

  2. Hi Pete,
    Recently found your blog, very nice! I agree with you on your "rant". As a returning modeler, I find the quantity and quality of available material staggering, from 20+ years ago! Seems a highly anticipated new model comes out, and immediately people start asking for other stuff!! " What about this?...what about that?...when ya gonna do this one?" and so on. For me, making a silk purse out of a sow's ear ( an Alan model vs. Dragon's offering of the same model ) is what makes modeling a satisfying hobby. I have no problem with high end kits...I guess it's a matter of choice. We should be so thankful that we have that "dilemma".

  3. Nicely said, and how exciting to get new Chieftain kits! I'm really interested in Cold War armor, and I had thought of trying to update the old Tamiya, no need for that now. :)

  4. Thanks guys it's not just me then? that's good to know! Anna check out last years blog entries & you'll fine I did exactly that and updated the tamiya Chieftain to within an inch of it's life!

  5. Oh, cool - I'll check that out!

    And yes, I'd much prefer to learn how to improve a model than to hear endless harping on minor problems.