Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Meng AMX 30-B Greek Style!

I've actually been working on this model since the end of April but for some reason have forgotten to post it up here! Probably as the other two projects have been taking up most of my time and thinking power. Anyway I'm going to attempt to model an AMX 30 in Greek service if for nothing else than the very interesting colour scheme and to have something a bit different on the display tables at shows.  

I'm also using Slingshot models very nice conversion set with the Meng kit. This gives you all you need for a Greek/Cypriot & Qatari versions. As you would expect the kit builds up beautifully and exhibits excellent detail.

The tank itself has loads of bits hanging off it, very few stowage boxes here, which makes for a very different look to say Chieftains & M60's. In fact it's quite a small tank compared to the other two. My main concern with the kit was the tracks, although excellent they are quite fiddly to construct and try as I might I could not get them to articulate. They just kept breaking up. My solution was a set of Friulmodel tracks set No ATL-115. 

Not entirely needed BUT I'm much happier building them than plastic tracks and can build them in a fraction of the time it takes me to build the plastic ones. As for extra expense I actually ordered them direct from Hungary which saved a fair bit of cash. They also look excellent on the model and add a nice bit of weight to the model giving it a better looking sit.

To help me with the Camo and more importantly the markings a set of decals from LM Models has also been obtained, I'll be doing a small review of them soon. Lastly here's a few pictures of that rather smashing Greek camouflage scheme.


  1. being greek i find this very interesting! i've seen many M48, M60, Leo1 models in greek colors but i dont recall having seen a greek AMX30

  2. i was about to propose an urban base, set in november 1973 athens, during the student uprising with some anti-junta graffitti on a wall. that would look really unique! but i later found out that the army applied the MERDC camouflage on its vehicles in 1976. before that it was only olive drab for anything on wheels or you plan to add a figure?

  3. Hi Igor glad you like the subject, it's certainly one that's not really seen much herein the UK. Greek subjects interest me as there is such a variety of vehicles used by the armed forces. A search of the web should throw up a few pictures of Greek AMX 30's (that's where I got most of my info) Yes I do plan on adding a couple of figures for the turret.

  4. Hi Pete. I am a greek prof. modeller working mainly 1/87 and 1/72/76 scales. I ve built and paint many greek army vehicles and have a copy of the official merdc schemes. If you ever want details of a specific vehicle I ll be glad to help. Regards, George.

  5. Hi George thanks for commenting and thanks for the offer I will keep you in mind for my next Greek project.