Saturday, 30 May 2015

IPMS Salisbury Show Report

Stonehenge Modellers second show of the year this and a local one too being 5 minutes from Brian's gaf. So after an RV at Brian's & loading up of the car it was time for a leisurely bacon buttie & coffee before driving the short distance to Laverstock and the shows venue. Our usual efficiency meant that we were set up in about 10 minutes and enjoying another well earned coffee before the public were admitted at 0930hrs.

I would say even before the doors opened we were busy talking to other exhibitors and catching up with friends. Once the doors did open we were really kept on our feet throughout the whole day. The amount of visitors shows what a popular event this is with people coming from far and wide. I don't think I even had a look around the hall until lunchtime. Brian managed to talk himself hoarse with all the modelling bollocks he was spouting (nothing new there!)

As usual there was a good mix of traders and for a change the opportunity to get all those consumables which we all need to stock up on from time to time. It seems a lot of shows at the moment have plenty of kit sales but very little in the way of glues, paints and other bits so today was a refreshing change  with a choice of at least three traders selling those items.

There was plenty to look at on the club tables although I only had a limited amount of time to take a few pictures. I know there will be plenty more pictures if you are interested over on the Modelworxs forum in the next few days. Speaking of those reprobates they again gained plenty of awards in the competition, well done lads. As usual it was great to see you and have a right good laugh! 

So another excellent day of modelling nonsense and general banter, thanks to IPMS Salisbury & Richard for the invite & see you next year! 

My kit sales went very well as well and I came away with more money than I started with (that's all for the Belgian fund) But also managed to come away with a couple of kits and those all important consumables!


  1. Good choise for these two kits Pete ;-)
    Nice pictures and models of this exhibition but I did'nt see your own models !

  2. Hy Pete

    Thanks for your report their had à lot of beatiful kits.
    What about your models are you présent thème on concours?

  3. LOL! yes my models were on display I just didn't take any pictures of them on the table