Sunday, 24 May 2015

Airfix Bedford Truck & All Hail Takom!

I've now managed to get the Bedford finished off after spraying some tamiya flat earth and buff around the lower areas for mud and dust build up. I also used some streaking washes on the tarp and cab to add a little more variation in tones. After a flat coat I then painted the rear lights and added some lenses for the front headlights. The masking was removed on the cab and the window rubbers were picked out with flat black. 

I don't think I will be adding any pigments to this as it looks just right and I don't want to go overboard with the weathering. I've also had to make a new stove for the figures as the original one pinged off into the great unknown at some point! All that's left to do now is the base which shouldn't take too long. I'm hoping it will be finished in time for the IPMS Salisbury show next Saturday so it can go on the Stonehenge Modellers display.

Now for some really excellent news, Takom have been publishing some CAD drawings of their latest future release and yes it's a Chieftain! By the looks of what's been seen so far it looks to be a Mark 10 or 11 which means stillbrew. This is great news for us Modern British fans and I can see at least a couple ending up in my stash! They also intend to release some earlier marks as well. I tell you we've never had it so good.


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