Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Masterbox 1/72nd Mk 1 Male Tank Completed

The model is now all done and just in time for the Avon show on Sunday. I worked on the base yesterday after drilling out some holes the day before and adding the plaster. The groundwork is just plan plaster with no sand or gravel added as I thought it would look out of scale.

My next job was to spray the base with various earth tones and make up some wire pickets from wire and a little barbed wire from fine fuse wire. The tree stump is a bit of twig from the garden. Once dry I went over the base and model with pigments. The whole thing looks quite monotone but I think it looks rather good and portrays the desolation of the battlefield well.

I've really enjoyed this project and being as this is my first ever WW1 subject I think it's a fitting model to start with and also a fitting tribute to all who fought in the conflict.

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