Wednesday, 27 August 2014

M109 Figures, Stowage & Tweeks

It's going very well at the moment and I've just added the cover that sits over the top of the gun mechanism. The real thing looks almost like a roller blind and I think it's to protect the rotating part of the gun from dust and muck. As the kit part is pants a bit of plastic strip, some masking tape and five minutes work sorts it out nicely. I've also painted it a slightly different shade for some contrast.
The stowage has been added to the rear bins and some camo netting added. This stuff is really good, it takes paint well and once cut, stretched and crumpled it still refuses to rip. I may add a bit more on the hull later on.

On to the figures now and I've finished the driver off and painted him in coveralls.

For the commander figure I wanted to paint the very distinctive Belgian camo uniform. I spent most of last night working out the colours and have as usual used vallejo paints. The very light green, almost mustard colour seen on the uniforms was the most difficult to work out but with some mixing alchemy I finally found a colour I was happy with.

The colours for the uniform are as follows,
824 camo orange ochre with a dash of 857 golden olive for the light green
343 shadows flesh for the brown
823 Luftwaffe camo green for the darker green
950 black

And here is the real thing,

I think it looks pretty much like the real thing and am rather pleased with it as it only took one attempt! Now to finish him off and start the weathering of the 109.

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