Saturday, 23 August 2014

M109 Camo & Decals

Here's the latest on the 109. The black was hand painted using a mix of vallejo black and dark rubber. I also used the same mix for the rubber on the wheels. After a coat of gloss I've now got the decals on. Still learning with home made decals and I've found that they don't like too much prodding & poking once on the model. I've had a little bit of bleed on the rear reg number but I can touch that up once they are dry.

I need to sort out some stowage for the rear bins next and get the tools painted up. The gun cleaning rods are causing a bit of a dilemma as I've seen them painted, left in natural wood finish and also seen metal versions in an aluminium colour. Not sure how to go at the moment.  


  1. Hehe me likes Pete... me likes :-)
    Eager to see it in october at the IPMS show in Affligem!


  2. Cheers chaps glad you like it, Thierry I'm really looking forward to it should be a blast!