Saturday, 2 August 2014

CV90-40 Saved From The Pile Of Doom

Remember this one? I started it last October but due to track issues it got put away on the shelf of doom. I was planning on using fruils but in the end I purchased some spade ace models tracks. First time I have used these and they are rather good. Cheaper than fruilmodel tracks and at least on this set the links have virtually no clean up.

Best thing is that they actually fit around the sprocket! So in between painting and weathering three models I'll slowly get the tracks sorted on this.


  1. Nice track! Do they have through hole for joining pin? Or hole on one side and pin on other side?

  2. Hi Oleg, the tracks have holes on both sides so the wire track pin will pass straight through. Not a problem on this type of track as the pins are recessed. After nipping off the access and a quick swipe with a file they look just right.