Sunday, 15 January 2012

WMIK Weathering

Right we are on the final straight! at bloody last, finally bit the bullet today and added dust effects to the model. I started with heavily thinned tamiya earth and buff then went over the model with MIG pigments P415 light european earth, I used this mostly dry apart from the foot wells, I used a drop of water in these. Lastly a bit of MIG oil and grease stain mix was used in the engine bay, fuel filler and differentials.

The base was also started today nothing fancy but I will be adding a couple of rusty fence posts and some barbed wire to the base. Very pleased with the outcome of the dust stage to me it looks like it's just driven off Salisbury plain which is what I was aiming for.

The T-90 build is now on hold until my replacement part arrives so hopefully I will not have to wait too long to start painting it!

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  1. ways original subjects, with beautiful painting. Congratulations go!