Sunday, 8 January 2012

T-90 Turret Tales

As was promised yesterday here is an update on the T-90 build, construction starts as per the instructions with the turret and I would recommend that you take your time and test fit the major turret components before committing to glue to ensure a good fit. This is defiantly NOT a fast build due to the many small parts which need to be fitted but the overall detail is very nice indeed.

As you can see I have added some cables using lead wire and also added a blue tinted lens in the commanders sight as this is quite visible on the real vehicle. A few bolt heads have also been added here and there. I would strongly recommend a quick web search for good walk-around pictures as well to help you with adding extra details.

I have also found that the plastic used is quite soft so care needs to be taken when removing some of the smaller parts from the sprunes.


  1. Hello Pete, I looked your blog in detail and truly you achieve wonderful things, your subs (I have a typ IIa to build too), wagons, 17 cm tiger, chopper, everything is superb !!!

  2. Hi Hubert, Many thanks for your kind comments I am glad you find my builds so interesting.