Thursday, 5 January 2012

Coming Together Slowly but Surely!

Well I have had a surge of interest in completing the WMIK and have now added the stowage to the model. I also added straps etc. for the bergens using tamiya tape. The final steps are very close now! just a dusting of tamiya buff and final pigments for the last bit of weathering.

I have also made a start on a figure to go with the model, this is an old accurate armour item which I think is still available. Painted using various custom shades of vallejo. The figure will go nicely with the WMIK on a small base.

I am keen to get this finished as I have the new Zvezda T90 MBT on the way and cannot wait to get into what looks like a fantastic kit.


  1. Hey Pete, I really like what I'm seeing here. An incredible detailed eye candy, super cool!

  2. Thanks Ludo I am glad you like it so much