Wednesday, 11 January 2012

T-90 Hull Tweaks

Yesterday and today has seen me working on the rear of the hull and the engine deck, I used some scrap mesh for the intakes as it's easier to work with than the kit supplied nylon mesh. Loads of insanely small bolt heads where added as well as some missing details. The tow cable wire is from an older build, it's nice and pliable and again better than the kit supplied string. I have left off the fuel drum supports for now as they are not that solid and am still debating whether to fit the drums as most pictures I have seen show the supports but no drums.

I Also added the snorkel housing and wind sensor assembly to the turret and added details to these parts. The antenna base may get replaced with a brass item and I think the main gun barrel will get replaced with a metal item as the detail on the barrel is rather soft.

In between all this frantic activity I have been varnishing the base for the WMIK and buying a new compressor hose as I somehow managed to break the connector on the compressor! so no weathering on the WMIK until it arrives.

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