Monday, 9 January 2012

A slight hiccup!

More work has been done on the turret which is now almost finished however there is a slight hiccup! Part F103 is missing off the sprune in my example, it looks like it has not formed correctly in the mould. Perhaps this is just my kit or maybe others have the same problem, by the way I am in the UK. Unfortunately the part is for the commanders cupola mounted machine gun and is quite crucial as it supports the machine gun assembly.
Here is a picture of the missing part,

I would advise anyone with the kit to check for the part and if missing contact your supplier/Zvezda as I have. Bit of a pain but I hope this is only an isolated case.

One word of caution regarding the side sensors next to the cupola and loaders hatch, part numbers D51 and clear part number E15, the fit is very tight and I nearly split part D51 whilst trying to fit the clear part so my advise would be to leave E15 out if you want the sensors open and fill in the lenses with micro kristal klear or similar later on. Here are some pictures of the completed turret minus a few items and the machine gun,


  1. nice model .. coming together well, love the wmik

  2. Part F-103 was missing here, too. I have made it from scratch using the mesh and one of the plates with Zvezda adverts. The result was 1:1 with the original but it was a real hiccup for me, too, as this is the first model I am starting since years.