Monday, 8 October 2018

IPMS Belgium 2018 Plastic & Steel Show Report

This weekend saw Stonehenge Modellers make our annual pilgrimage to the continent for the IPMS Belgium show. This year was their 50th anniversary so we were really looking forward to it. The usual format of an oh Christ o'clock start and a very uneventful drive to the Eurotunnel at Folkestone was the order of the day. For once the M25 was not busy and the only traffic we hit was just before Aalst on the E40. 

We arrived at the venue and were warmly greeted by Erwin and the crew and set up in double quick time. 

It was then off to Aalst and our hotel and a quick beer or two! 

Which quickly turned into a bit of an Affligem Blonde fest when we ventured into town!

Fast forward to Saturday and the show proper. The hall was packed with lots of clubs and traders this year, more than last year so there were plenty of new models and traders to discover throughout the day. We also had an adopted member for the weekend in the shape of Paul Badman from Modellers' Haven Online forum, who again endured the arduous journey from his home in Germany to the show via the train with six models for the competitions and, more importantly a crucial consignment of German curry ketchup! 

This year myself and Brian decided to donate a special prize in the competitions for the best post 1945 military vehicle. Here's the trophy we had made for the award.

We both selected the model we felt was the best from all the entries and I must say it was a difficult task due to the exceptionally high standards on display. But in the end we went for a superb Russian Zil 131 truck. Subsequently on Sunday afternoon during the awards ceremony Brian presented the winner with the Stonehenge Modellers annual trophy. 

Both the competition and the club displays around the hall had some superb models which were really inspiring. It was also great to meet up with friends again and it was nice to spend some time with Guy from MHO who unfortunately couldn't stay long. Hopefully next time Mate! I also finally met Thierry who has followed my blog from the start. Thierry has his own blog,  and makes some superb models. He also entered a couple of excellent dioramas in the competition and came away with a bronze for his efforts. Talking of the competition Paul managed to swipe 4 awards for his models and I think he was pretty chuffed with the result! 

Here's a selection of pictures from the show.

 As ever the opportunities for lightening the wallet were varied and I took full advantage of this as evidenced below! 

I think this for me was the best show I've ever been to. The variety of models on display, the friendly atmosphere and the sheer quality of the exhibits are hard to beat. The show just gets better and better. So a big thank you must go to the IPMS Belgium team whose hard work always results in an excellent and enjoyable weekend. If you get the chance to visit the show then go, you won't be disappointed.

After a wind down few beers Sunday night and a good sleep the journey home was a chance for Brian and myself to discuss the weekend and start planning forthcoming builds, of course that will include tons of tangents from Brian which will bog him down on the completed kit front! I've got some great ideas and inspiration from the show so expect some interesting models here soon!

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  1. Nice one Pete, looks like you had a great weekend to celebrate your retirement!
    Thanks for posting mate.