Friday, 12 October 2018

ERC Lynx Getting Stuck In

Work on the lynx has been going well all be it with a couple of minor niggles. The first of these concerns the road wheels & hubs attached to the hull. No problems with the front ones as they locate via a notch onto the hull for the correct fit. I glued and fixed the wheel hubs in place as well here. The middle & rear wheel stations however don't have any positive locator's which means the mounts can move freely which will put the ride height out of whack. 

You can ignore the middle station as the wheel height is movable thanks to two poly caps. Some time was spent making sure that the rear hub was in the correct position and that the suspension spring assembly was mounted properly. Once all glued and cured the model sits perfectly on it's wheels. Also I found that the hubs, parts numbered B25, B26, B27, B28 needed the holes for the wheel mounting pins drilled out fully. By doing this the wheels all line up correctly and a more positive joint can be made later.  

The final niggle is with parts K3, K20, K17, K6, K7 & K4. These all make up some sort of trunking on the rear deck. On the real vehicle the trunking is just one piece, in the kit it's multiple parts that really don't fit well. I've used some plastic sheet and filler to get them smooth before I start sanding them into shape. A lot of work for a small part that would have been better made as one piece I think.  

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