Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Takom M47 Patton Further Work

Work has been progressing well on the model & the second track run is now complete. One thing to note when assembling the left side tracks is that on the instructions the left side illustration is the same as the right. Which means if assembled as shown the tracks will face the wrong way on the left side. Simply reverse each part when building them up for the correct track direction. 

 The hull is now taking shape and here a few improvements and alterations are called for. The first is missing bolt heads on all the engine deck hinges, easy to do with a punch & die. I also added a slight texture to the upper hull sides to match the rest of the upper hull. 

On the rear I added two fire extinguishers which were fitted to Belgian tanks. I used a couple of spare items which looked similar to my refs and added tape straps. As I had fitted these the kit tow rope would not fit so a bit of cable was used after drilling out the cable ends and other fittings. Weld beads from stretched sprue have also been added and textured with a scalpel around the towing hooks and lifting eyes.

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