Saturday, 29 July 2017

Takom M47 Patton Build Complete!

Well I've really cracked on with the kit and have had great fun along the way. The canvas mantlet cover parts worked really well and after some careful sanding of the joins looks superb, likewise the barrel is brilliant too.

 Belgian specific modifications on the turret consisted of new antenna bases made from spares and brass rod. A call sign board on the back of the stowage bin and eduard fuel can holders with NATO style jerry cans. Finally extensions to the turret side racks were added using plastic rod and strip.

I've left off all the on turret tools as well as the .50 cal as this will be in a depot scene later. I must say this has been one of the best kits I've ever built as the parts actually fit and the detail is amazing. My additions are only really needed if you want to build a different version as I'm doing. Out of the box the kit is superb.


  1. Wow Pete it's a very nice build. A great kit. I hope to see the paint stages very soon. Nice modeling my friend.

  2. Thanks Alain paint should be on soon.