Wednesday, 5 July 2017

IDF Centurion Crew

I've been sorting out crew for the model over the last couple of days and so far I've managed to use only one of the mini art figures. The two in the turret are from firestorm and are actually Aussie Vietnam items. However the uniforms work well for early Israelis and with the addition of hornet heads look great.

I've ordered two more figures for this, a figure to stand on the engine deck and a photographer to go on the base. Also as you can see I've altered the .50 cal mount and removed the tow cables. I just was not happy with them so will leave them off which again luckily enough is documented in the reference pictures I have of some 6 day war Centurions.

Now it's onto some stowage for the turret which I'll probably make out of magic sculpt.

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