Monday, 10 July 2017

Photobucket, Rot In Hades!

Well as you are all probably aware photobucket are being complete dicks regarding 3rd party hosting of images which seems at the moment to be affecting many people who currently use the free storage option. This means loads of build threads and other modelling threads on forums which have images added via PB now do not show said photos or images.

However that's not the worst of it as in December this year they will also stop those of us who pay for storage from posting images as well, unless we cough up $399.99 per year for the privilege. Fuck off PB are you mad? 

I now have the horrible task of either changing all my forum thread pictures before they disappear or leaving them alone. I know some of my earlier pictures on this blog came from PB. That means sorting through missing lynx and modelworx forums posts and deciding what to replace and what to leave.

Bastards! I'm pretty pissed about this and am cancelling my PB account as soon as I've copied some old pictures that are not currently on my pc. Yet another case of us small guys being fucked over by big corporations whose only interest is squeezing as much money out of us as possible. I for one won't line their pockets with cash for one minute longer, especially when I'd rather line them with shite!


  1. Pete i agree 100% i was effected by PB as well, i have now gone to Fotki and updated my free trial there for the smallest package. But i hate that we are held to ransom along with the boards as you mentioned now look fairly shit...

  2. I went to Village.Photos.It looks like a great program and is faster than photobucket !!!!