Sunday, 30 July 2017

IDF Centurion Paint Time

Finally got my arse in gear and sprayed the model today. I used a mix of tamiya XF-57 buff, XF-59 desert yellow, XF-2 flat white & XF-23 light blue. I then went back over the model with a bit more white added to the basic mix and sprayed highlights. I may add more lighter tones later on but I need to let the paint dry first so I can see where it's at.

Very pleased with the colour looks just right to me. Now I've got all those figures to start on! 


  1. Hi Pete,
    What is the ratio for your paint mix?

  2. The ratios where 50% buff 25% desert yellow 20% white and about 5% light blue. Possibly a bit more blue was used but the ratios are flexible.