Thursday, 12 May 2016

Trumpeter AS90 Paint On

Over the last couple of days I've been having a bit of a spray fest getting the main colours on both models. The Bowman vehicle was the easy one to paint needing just a single colour which as usual is tamiya XF-65 field grey. This was then faded using tamiya XF-15 flat flesh added to the colour. Later I'll paint the black disruptive pattern by hand as they almost always have a hard edge to this.

The Clansman vehicle was a bit more involved. I started by spraying some of the bins flat black then masked these off. Next the main colour was sprayed on using a good coat of tamiya XF-78 wooden deck tan then faded by adding tamiya XF-57 buff & white. Next the green was sprayed on using field grey. This needs lots of patience as I didn't use any masks but instead sprayed the pattern freehand. I then faded this and went back over with the tan colour to tidy up the edges of the pattern. All the wheels got a coat of black then their respective colours.

It's all looking very bright and light at the moment but once the gloss varnish goes on it will darken down a lot. 


  1. Great start of the painting session for these two boys ;-)
    The two tones cammo will be nice. Is it a cammo for European theater ?

  2. Thanks Alain, the BATUS colour scheme is used in Canada and for certain vehicles too here in the UK. Mostly Warriors & Challenger 2's that are used in the op forces roll on Salisbury plain. I've never seen an AS 90 in this scheme outside of Canada though.

  3. Hy Pete
    well done it's a great work. i have this kit too but i don't build it.