Monday, 16 May 2016

AS90 Further Improvments

I had resigned myself to not having the loader station machine guns fitted due to the over scale and oversimplified items provided in the kits. However most of my references do show that this is normally fitted so I decided that I'd better sort out some replacements. A quick email to Accurate Armour and a nice email back from Derek Hansen confirmed that they would happily provide me with a couple from their AS90 update sets for a reasonable price. 

The guns arrived quickly and I've now cleaned them up and fitted a couple of carry handles. They are much better than the kit items and will make a big difference to the final look of the models. Of course I could have scratch built the mounts and used some aftermarket machine guns but I wanted a quick and easy fix. Plus I'm basically lazy! 

So now I can tackle the rather big task of painting up all the road wheels and detail parts.

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