Saturday, 7 May 2016

Chieftain Base Completed

Well I've now finished off the base after adding some initial pigments then placing all the rubbish onto the base. It's quite difficult to get a random look to this and some thought needs to be put into each item and it's placement. All the large items had a weathering with pigments before fixing to the base. Once all the smaller items had been glued they too had a light dusting of pigments to tie them in with the base.

Small pieces of paper were then soaked in white glue & water then added to the base. I think the final result gives a good interpretation of the war torn middle east and it also sets off the Chieftain perfectly. I'll definitely be having a go at more rubbish themed bases in the future as I have a few models that would work well with this kind of base.


  1. WOW It's a very nice base for your Chieftain. It looks so nicely dusty and well suited for this Middle east scene. Well done job Pete !

  2. Thanks Alain I'm very pleased with the final result.