Sunday, 1 May 2016

AS-90 Construction Completed

Today I've finished off my model which depicts an earlier vehicle fitted with clansman radio. On this one I've left off all the tools and replaced them with spare etch and card for all the mounting points. This is actually a very common practice in the British army, just check out a few pictures on the net.

I've also left off the GPMG from both models as they are way out of scale and the mounts are pretty awful too. But again this has worked in my favour because they are not that often mounted on the real thing. So next will be a very careful wash of both models before primer.



  1. I've been quietly following your builds Pete, that's some great detailing! Too bad that you're going to put paint on them now :-) !



  2. Thanks Magnus, i know what you mean it's almost a shame to paint them but that's actually the part I enjoy the most!